Bachelor Theses Supervised by Martin P. Lee

  1. Lt R H Seddon RAOC 1989 "A distributed database system implemented on two microcomputers". Written in Turbo Pascal v 4. PRIZEWINNER
  2. Mr A P Leach 1989 "Using Prolog as an intermediate metafile format in the software engineering life-cycle". Uses MacCadd.
  3. APO P Shears RAF 1989 "An investigation into natural language processing using the Prolog programming language". Uses grammar rules.

  4. Lt W R B Jowitt RHG-D 1990 "The contribution of geographical information systems to battlefield command and control systems, and the user interface". Includes a demonstrator written in dBFast/Windows.
  5. Miss H L Colchester 1990 "The development of a business critical system from analysis to implementation using an Apple Macintosh, McMax & dBASE III+".
  6. Lt M O Cooper RAOC 1990 "School timetabling through a deductive database feasibility study". Uses Prolog.
  7. Lt S J Caldwell RCT 1990 "Using a forward chaining expert system to simulate usage of capital appraisal techniques in industry". Uses Xi+ shell.
  8. Lt D J M Bizley R SIGNALS 1990 "A comparison of the modularization approaches of UCSD Pascal, Modula 2 and Ada".

  9. Lt A D E Cameron R SIGNALS 1991 "Prolog as a relational database".
  10. Lt N G Woodhill RAPC 1991 "Data dictionary extraction using dBASE III +".
  11. Miss A Pape 1991 "Simulating user interfaces in HyperCard".
  12. Miss T Manser 1991 "A database to support the administration of theses for Open University course P799".

  13. Mr T G Ellis 1992 "The role of English language tuition in the teaching of programming".
  14. Mr O S Mughal 1992 "Object oriented databases in SQL". Uses dBASE IV.
  15. APO T E Parkhouse RAF 1992 "An information system study for Oxford University Air Squadron".
  16. Lt S J Reardon-Smith QDG 1992 "Implementation of a GIS".

  17. Miss J C Wenham 1993 "The design and implementation of a time attendance and payroll system for Datamac Engineering Services Ltd".
  18. Miss I D Ugland 1993 "Designing a user interface for the online information retrieval system". Use HyperCard.
  19. Mr A K Leighton 1993 "Evaluation of Toolbook as a programming language".
  20. Mr I J Gemmell 1993 "Natural language processing and its implementation in Prolog".

  21. Mr S Stephenson 1994 "The evaluation of HyperTalk and OpenScript as programming languages"
  22. Mr J Drew 1994 "An investigation into teleworking" Uses Lotus Notes.
  23. Lt R G J Thomson 1994 "Evaluation of SuperBase (version 2.0)"

  24. Mrs M Foote 1995 "Design and implementation of supplier, customer and stock control system for Tablehill Interiors"
  25. Ms C J L Milne 1995 "The design and implementation of a Windows-based database for administering the line production of RFTV events"
  26. Capt B J Toomey R IRISH 1995 "Evaluation of Microsoft Access (version 2.0).
  27. Lt A W A Griffiths REME 1995 "A development of a production control system for the print services department of the Standard Life Assurance Company."

  28. Capt R J Peaker RLC 1996 "An investigation into the use of the Internet by the International Planned Parenhood Federation".
  29. Mr R J Banning 1996 "The construction and implementation of an MIS that collects operational statistics and produces both a weekly and monthly reporting system for the indication of performance and achievement in Renault's National Parts Distribution Centre".
  30. Capt J W Bowyer RLC 1996 "A management information sytem for JJB Consultancy Ltd.".
  31. Miss L Akeroyd 1996 "An investigation into the effectiveness of Multimedia on learning through the enhancement of an existing hypertext glossary".

  32. Miss J Miller 1997 "Development of an interactive Tractor product offering for New Holland UK Ltd". PRIZEWINNER
  33. APO A C Males RAF 1997 "The development of a preliminary decision support tool to aid technically complex system selection for the RAF".
  34. OCdt R W Gill GSC 1997 "The design and development of a database for the Alcohol Advisory Centre, Swindon".

  35. Lt A J Smith R SIGNALS 1998 "A study of the information requirements of the occupational therapy department, Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust".
  36. Lt A M Rennie KOSB 1998 "A project to replace the current logistics management planning tool used by overseas relief organisations".
  37. Mr J T Hickey 1998 "The analysis and design of a document retrieval management information system for Royal Ordance, Chorley".
  38. Lt P A Sollitt 1998 "A study of the information requirements of the physiotherapy department, Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust".

  39. Mr T Lane 1999 "A garage services database for Omitec Instrumentation"
  40. Mr A Morgan 1999 "Analysis, design and implementation of a database for the Quartermaster's Department, RMCS"

  41. O/Cdt E S Vickers 2006 "A security analysis of staff records in the radiography dept, Churchill Hospital, Oxford."