Master of Science (MSc) Theses supervised by Martin P. Lee

Mostly for the Design of Information Systems (DIS) MSc at the Royal Military College of Science (RMCS), Cranfield University.
Some for the Computing for Commerce & Industry (CCI) MSc at the Open University.
A few for the Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) MSc at Cranfield University.

  1. Capt A Field R SIGNALS (1988) "A study into the requirements for a replacement student and examination management system for units of the Individual Training Organisation". Uses entity-relationship modelling. Prizewinner.
  2. Maj J Griffith RAEC (1988) "A study into the use of Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland computer and topographic database (COMTOD) by Headquarters Northern Ireland and Military Survey". GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

  3. Flt Lt A Dolling RAAF (1989) "A study of the requirement for an information system for Battery Section RAE Farnborough". Includes a dBASE IV prototype. Prizewinner.
  4. Sqn Ldr A L Wilson RAF (1989) "A study of the requirements for a decision support system for the Land Systems Support Bureau". Includes text retrieval.

  5. Capt I A Sanderson RE (1990) "A study into a database system for the Directorate of Clothing & Textiles (DCT)".
  6. Flt Lt D G Hebbes RAF (1990) "A study into an information system on knowledge retention in G3 CIS HQ BAOR".

  7. Capt D J Vardy R SIGNALS (1991) "A study into a management information system for Princess Marina College".
  8. Maj P H Butler RAEC (1991) "A study into a database system for use by the package management unit, RARDE".

  9. Lt P G Barton RN (1992) "A study into the migration of CIS to ASPECT".
  10. Maj P M Lynch RA (1992) "A study into a geographic product information system for Military Survey DSA" Includes a Microsoft Access prototype

  11. Capt F P Roberts R SIGNALS (1993) "A study into the future IT requirements of the CNSA organization".
  12. Capt M R Shimmings REME (1993) "A study into the requirement for an engineering data information system for the RN and supporting authorities".
  13. Mr R A G Perryman (1993) "A hand held ultrasonic transducer" Open University MSc. Uses C++.

  14. Maj D F Venn AAC (1994) "A study to develop an information systems strategy for the Defence Export Services Organisation". Prizewinner.
  15. Lt Cdr I N Lacey RN (1994) "A study into the information systems requirements for the move of the regimental headquarters of the Royal Regiment of Artillery". Uses Microsoft Office.
  16. Mr P F Holt (1994) "Comparison of the VISION O.N.E. database with one designed using object oriented techniques". Open University MSc.
  17. Mr A R Hibberd (1994) "Comparison of two database technologies with respect to their use in a telephony switching node". Open University MSc.
  18. Mr R M Creagh-Osborne (1994) "The use of an interactive knowledge based system to provide technical support for maintenance of television equipment". Includes a custom Microsoft Windows Help System. Open University MSc.

  19. Maj N Steele REME (1995) "A study into the requirements and design of a combined design and resources system for 25 Engineer Regiment".
  20. Maj P A Brown R SIGNALS (1995) "A study into the automatic identification of ammunition and explosives".
  21. Mr N Tate (1995) "The development of a framework for evaluating middleware connections to a client server database" Open University MSc. Uses Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC). Uses the Z notation.

  22. Mr R Snape (1996) "The specification of a client contact database to support the marketing activities of freelance computer consultants, together with an evaluation of the use of the specification" Open University MSc.
  23. Capt A J Taylor RA (1996) "A study into the information system requirements of the Army Prosecuting Authority".
  24. Maj J A Compston R SIGNALS (1996) "A study into the development of a training area resource management system to support Catterick AFTC".
  25. Mr D Stocks (1996) "Implementation issues of a Product Data Management System (PDMS) in a high technology environment" Open University MSc. For Marconi Matra plc.

  26. Mr A Todd (1997) "Co-operative working for software development in a distributed environment" Open University MSc. For Clarks Shoes plc.
  27. Maj L Finney AGC (1997) "A virtual data warehouse for Hewlett-Packard" Prizewinner.
  28. Sqn Ldr C Patching RAF (1997) "An information system for CATCCS".
  29. Lt Cdr S Kasin RNoN (1997) "A replacement MIS for the RMCS Library".
  30. Lt Col A Al-Abbad RSAF (1997) "Use of KADS for a personnel system".
  31. Mr A Ujah (1997) "An evaluation of the use of Object Oriented (OO) methods of software development in Visual Basic" Open University MSc.
  32. Mrs E Warriner (1997) "An assessment of IT NVQs" Open University MSc.

  33. Maj S G Jenkins RLC (1998) "A study to develop an information system strategy for the Defence Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Centre".
  34. Maj D J Kinnaird R SIGNALS (1998) "An investigation of an open data architecture for UNICOM".
  35. Maj J R Ellis CHESHIRE (1998) "A feasibility study to improve the co-ordination of estate management information systems across the defence estate".
  36. Maj N J Dalton AAC (1998) "A study in the design of a lessons learned from operations database for the Director of Operational Capabilities".
  37. Mr N Hutchens (1998) "Can teleworking be used in heavy engineering and plant design?" Open University MSc.
  38. Mr C Smith (1998) "The development, usage and management of applets in the corporate intranet" Open University MSc. For British Energy plc.
  39. Mr N Snellock (1998) "A comparison of the use of the knowledge interchange format (KIF) and KQML in a distributed internet based knowledge system" Open University MSc.
  40. Mr A Richards (1998) "Staff scheduling for maternity services: an application of knowledge based analysis and design methods. Open University MSc. Uses KADS.

  41. Maj H Wilding (1999) "A study into the IS requirements of NBSA".
  42. Maj A Tuson (1999) R Signals Flag Officer Surface Flotilla : a study into an asset tracking database for the IT section Cranfield University MSc. Includes a Microsoft Access prototype.
  43. Mr A Graham (1999) "An evalution of the use of Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) for development" Open University MSc.
  44. Mr P Wright (1999) "An investigation into the use of Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) in producing the requirements for a business information system" Open University MSc.
  45. Ms P Errington (1999) "Development of methods to facilitate charing of database information across a college network" Open University MSc. Uses CGI.

  46. Maj I Kippen RRF (2000) A Data audit method for Oxford City Council Cranfield University MSc.
  47. Sqn Ldr J Empson RAF (2000) A study into the development of a knowledge management architecture to support the technical consultancy business process of the Directorate of Engineering and Interoperability Consultancy Group Cranfield University MSc.
  48. Maj W A S Robertson HLDRS (2000) A study into the information system requirements of Personal Services 4 (Army) Casualty/Compassionate Cell Cranfield University MSc.
  49. Maj C J Hall RTR (2000) A study into the development of an e-services strategy for Oxford City Council Cranfield University MSc.

  50. Mr A Hill (2001) An investigation into the use of artificial intelligence in the preparation of test programs for automatic test equipment Open University MSc.
  51. Mr P Hollands (2001) An investigation into the use and application of intelligent software agents in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems Open University MSc.
  52. Mr S Ashley (2001) Specification and design of a web based personal knowledge management application Failed to re-submit for Open University MSc.
  53. Miss S H Price (2001) A study into the development of an information systems strategy for Thring Townsend solicitors Cranfield University MSc.
  54. Maj S R Long RA (2001) Investigate the design of a corporate memory for the Directorate of Communications and Information Systems (Army) Cranfield University MSc.
  55. Maj J C Bailey DWR (2001) An Information and communication services strategy for British Forces Germany Cranfield University MSc.
  56. Maj C Robson REME (2001) A study into the development of an electronic procurement migration strategy within HQ Land Cranfield University MSc.

  57. Mr S Hills (2002) Can the use of programmable logic devices and system level design tools significantly reduce the development times of embedded system products? Open University MSc
  58. Mr R Thomas (2002) Synchronised multimedia metadata delivery exploiting the MPEG-7 standard in streamed media Open University MSc
  59. Maj S P Lagadu REME (2002) Strategic information systems planning for Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd Swindon Cranfield University MSc.
  60. Maj J E Clark QRL (2002) A study to examine the feasibility of introducing an electronic central registry and filing system into Headquarters ARRC Cranfield University MSc.
  61. Maj J S Gunning R Signals (2002) An Electronic document and records management system for the Royal Air Force Headquarters Personnel and Training Command Cranfield University MSc.
  62. Maj G Vale AGC (2002) An Information strategy for Oxfordshire Education Services Cranfield University MSc.
  63. Mr A Mackintosh (2002) A Feasibility study into the migration of information and communication technology to common standards for Dorset and Somerset Strategic Health Authority Cranfield University MSc.
  64. Maj S J Badman RA (2002) A Strategy for collaborative working in the Future Digitised Offensive Support Group headquarters (Joint Effects Tactical Targeting system) Cranfield University MSc.

  65. Maj N Ilic LI (2003) An Information strategy for the army websites Cranfield University MSc.
  66. Maj J R Anderson R Signals (2003) A study to develop an information systems strategy for the army's Recruiting Group post Cranfield University MSc.
  67. Mr M Atkinson (2003) A study to develop an information strategy to support e-learning for Cranfield University at RMCS Cranfield University MSc.
  68. Maj C N Thompson WFR (2003) An information systems strategy for Leicester Rugby Football Club Cranfield University MSc.

  69. Maj K Sorungbe RLC (2004) An information systems strategy for Clarence House Financial (CHF) Ltd. Cranfield University MSc.
  70. Maj M Smith (2004) R Signals An information systems strategy for Venture Malmesbury Cranfield University MSc.
  71. Maj G Lenthall KOSB (2004) An information systems strategy for Abingdon School Cranfield University MSc.
  72. Sqn Ldr J Swanson RAF (2004) A requirements analysis for MoD computer network defence alert warning and reporting Cranfield University MSc.
  73. Maj J Townsend R Signals (2004) An information systems strategy for Black Diamond Power Products Ltd. Cranfield University MSc.
  74. Mr J Sadler (2004) "XSLT as an Enabler for Straight Through Processing in Capital Markets." Open University MSc.

  75. Mrs C Ash (2005) "Knowledge management to support requirements engineering within Zurich Life's Information Strategy and Solutions Department." Cranfield University MSc.
  76. Ms C Fletcher (2005) "Development of a knowledge audit for Serco Solutions" Cranfield University MSc in Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).

  77. Mr K Camilleri (2006) "Infrastructure, assets and leverage: knowledge management initiatives for a mobile telephony operator" Cranfield University MSc in Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).

  78. Mr T Radford (2007) "Using ontologies and taxonomies to align text in comparable non-contiguous monolingual corpora." Open University MSc.
  79. Mr R Holbrook (2007) "Exploiting and modelling weaknesses in opponents: Maximising profit in poker using artificial intelligence." Open University MSc.
  80. Mr M R Steele (2007) "Recognition of binomial names in MEDLINE: the identification, extraction and conflation of variations from correct usage." Open University MSc.

  81. Mr M Griew (2008) "Improving English language spelling checker utility: boosting spelling ability with an interactive alternative to candidate lists." Open University MSc.
  82. Mr M McConnell (2008) "Confused word sets: The use of a semantic context in identifying and correcting, incorrect homophonic words." Open University MSc.
  83. Mr W Korycki (2008) "An investigation into isolated-word spelling correction techniques that may be applied in individualised interactive spell-checking to improve accuracy and ranking of candidate suggestions." Open University MSc.

  84. Mr P Brennan (2009) "Recognising Species Names in Text - An evaluation of a technique for Taxonomic Name Recognition using simplistic Latin/Greek recognition combined with syntactic knowledge." Open University MSc.

  85. Mr S Potter (2010) "A Feasibility Study into the Use of a Recurrent Neural Network to Predict Software Development Effort and Duration." Open University MSc.

  86. Mr D N Barnes (2011) "The text contains its own lexicon: extracting a spelling reference in the presence of OCR errors." Open University MSc Distinction awarded.

  87. Mr T D Devine (2013) "Evolving multi-agent team strategies for Pac-man using pheromone communication." Open University MSc course M801.

  88. Mr T H Hoang (2014) "Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization (EMOO) of (r, Q) inventory policies for multiple items with order quantity discounts in supply chain management." Open University MSc course T802
  89. Mr G Bramwell (2014) "A tool to help investors recognise early exercise opportunities of financial options using Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) and Ant Colony Optimisation (ACO)." Open University MSc course T802

  90. Mr N Curado (2015) "Standardised grading framework for rating success in software development projects and Information Systems implementations" Open University MSc course T802
  91. Mr N Espeel (2015) "An analysis of Intellectual Property asset management within software teams" Open University MSc course T802

  92. Mr P Bowman (2016) "A study to discover if English readability tests can be applied to program source code as a way to measure readability" Open University MSc course T802
  93. Mr A Saffarizadeh (2016) "An Investigation Into the Impact of Anti-Patterns on Software Complexity" Open University MSc course T802

  94. Mr Pinner, G (2017) "Adopting a microservice architecture for developing greenfield projects: a software process model eschewing the monolith-first approach" Open University MSc course T802
  95. Mr Room, T (2017) "An Investigation into Ways to Improve Research, Design and Application of Affective Computing Using Commodity Technologies and Methods" Open University MSc course T802

  96. Ms Eastwood, R (2018) "Recommendations for a natural language processing text summarisation tool to support summary statement generation at The National Institutes of Health of the United States of America" Open University MSc course T802

  97. Morfakis, Constantinos (2019) "Teaching and Adopting Agile Practices in a cross-national SME environment" Open University MSc course T802

  98. Bijtelaar, Eric (2020) "Considerations for secure software development using the agile scrum framework" Open University MSc course T802
  99. Magnall, Joseph (2020) "An Evaluation of Potential Business Benefits by Integrating Waterfall Development Techniques into Agile Software Projects" Open University MSc course T802 Pass with Merit.

  100. Adamson, Llewellyn (2022) "The Criticality of Software Architecture and the Evolving Role of the Software Architect in the Determination of Success in Software Engineering Projects" Open University MSc course T802 Pass with Distinction!

  101. Morley, Katherine (2023) "An evaluation of microservice architectures and their effects on application security" Open University MSc course T802 Result pending.